Minecraft Rules:

  1. No racism, hate speech, or discrimination toward players or server staff.
    • Do NOT insult, talk down to, or be rude to any players or staff on the server. This includes joking about other people on the server.
  2. No cursing, swearing, inappropriate language, discussion of politics or religion, or any other controversial topics in chat.
    • Our server is family friendly. Because of this, no cursing or bad language is allowed in chat.
    • Filter bypassing is not allowed and will result in a punishment just as if you said the word without the bypass.
    • References to drugs are not allowed and are considered inappropriate chat.
    • Any sexual references are considered inappropriate chat.
    • Discussion of politics, religion, or any topics that may be considered controversial are not allowed.
  3. Griefing & Raiding is NOT permitted, but dont forget to claim your stuff to be on the safe side.
    • You can not make claims on places that you did not build or work for, that will result in your claim beign deleted and you penalized.
    • You can report any issue to us on our discord.
  4. No hacking or any client mods are allowed on the server.
    • The only exceptions to this rule are:
      • Shaders/Aesthetic Mods;
      • Brightness & Gamma Mods;
      • Client Performance Mods (FPS Improvement);
  5. No abusing bugs or glitches on the server.
    • If you find any bugs with the server, please report them to a staff member in private or in discord.
  6. Respect other players and staff.
    • Be kind, friendly, helpful and respectful to other players.
    • If a staff member asks you to end a conversation with another player or to stop talking about something, do it. Not doing so will result in a punishment for staff disrespect.
  7. Spamming, mass-reporting, advertising/sending links in chat is not allowed.
    • Any links or advertisements in chat are not allowed. This includes talking about other servers and communities.
    • Overuse of chat fonts can be considered as spam and is not allowed.
  8. No inappropriate usernames, skins, capes, signs, item names, builds, or team names.
    • The staff team reserves the right to decide whether a name/skin/build/etc is appropriate or not and they may remove it without any notice.
  9. Public chat is English and Portuguese only. If you want to speak other languages, please do so using /msg <username>.
    • Our staff team cannot moderate languages outside of English or Portuguese, which is why we ask this.
  10. Do not ask ranked players or staff members to give you items or perks.
  11. Cross teaming is not allowed in Bedwars, TNTRun, Spleef and Paintball.